Coming Together to Close the Digital Divide in San Antonio and Bexar County

What is SA Digital Connects?

A broad coalition of public, private, and community partners have invested to develop a comprehensive plan and roadmap to address the digital divide in San Antonio and Bexar County.​

At the end of the effort, SA and Bexar County will be “shovel ready” to make effective use of Texas and Federal funding for key digital access and equity initiatives impacting households, students, older adults, vets, workforce, telemedicine and justice system.

What is the issue?

We estimate that more than 130K households (20%+) lack adequate broadband internet, more than 65K (10%+) lack access to devices today

It affects all population segments – households, students, seniors, veterans, small business – and limits uptake of digital access across key use cases – education, healthcare, workforce development, civic engagement

What do we hope to achieve?

Our aspiration is for SA/Bexar to leapfrog other cities in digital, becoming a nationwide leader in business / workforce development and economic growth.

Availability: Every household has reliable access to speeds of 100/100 mbps with committed service levels. 

Affordability: Every household has internet options with adequate service quality at annual cost no more than 1% of household income

Device access: Every household have access to connected devices that meet technical requirements for foundation applications (e.g., education)

Adoption support:  Everyone knows how to get access and feels motivated to do so (digital literacy, language resources, trust, etc.)

We will act with an equity-first mindset, focusing initially on the areas with the greatest need.

What have we done?

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Engaged 140+ community entities - including us - through interviews, an inventory survey, and focus groups

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Expect more to come!

The SA Digital Connects is a public – private - community investment in a SA/ Bexar County Community Digital Equity Plan and Roadmap that will lead to future action steps; including timelines, milestones, key stakeholder roles and required investment for execution.

(note about more to come on the community portal / site under construction)

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