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Social Determinants of Health


Grant Resources

COSA / Bexar County | Can make use of available funding at federal, state & local levels


Funds Available

COSA / Bexar Actions


The federal government unlocked recovery funds to connect households in COVID and continued existing programs to expand broadband access

  • Recovery funds (e.g., CARES, CRRSA including EBB, ARPA)

  • Existing programs (E-Rate, Lifeline)

  • Capture available recovery dollars where applicable

  • Help orgs and households apply for ongoing programs while advocating for increased funds


Various statewide initiatives have been launched in Texas to increase digital equity

  • Operation Connectivity (education-focused)

  • State budgets (e.g., new broadband legislation)

  • Leverage the funds and negotiated pricing unlocked by Operation Connectivity

  • Ensure adequate funding is passed in new state legislation


Local city, county, and philanthropic funds support community-based initiatives and municipal projects

  • City / County budgets

  • Municipal broadband bonds

  • Identify the best strategies (e.g., municipal bonds, emerging tech) to connect communities

  • Fund community / city projects where support is needed most

​Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act

  • COVID Relief Funding allocations to states for flexible use, including broadband

  • Education Stabilization Fund allocations for distance learning 

  • USDA and FCC broadband programs to expand access

​Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA)

  • Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Fund to connect low-income households to internet

  • Assistance for new or existing USDA, NTIA and FCC broadband programs

  • Rental Assistance administered by state agencies (including broadband services)

​The American  Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

  • Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for flexible use, including broadband

  • Coronavirus Capital Project Fund for infrastructure projects, with emphasis on connectivity

  • Others including school/library connectivity funding through E-Rate, inclusion of broadband as an eligible use of the Homeowner Assistance fund, expansion of the Rental Assistance fund

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

  • Infrastructure transformation creating jobs and raising wages, with significant funds for Broadband

  • Infrastructure investments across transportation, water, electricity, and broadband services

  • Goal of 100 percent high-speed broadband infrastructure coverage to un/underserved areas

Federal | Several buckets of recovery funds can be used for broadband access

Return on Investment


Digital investments are foundational to reducing systemic inequities and driving the next generation of social and economic development


returns to

Expands opportunities and reduces inequities for individuals

  • Increases access to education / job opportunities and unlocks greater societal inclusion

  • Increases economic potential as students with access make $2M+ more over their lifetime(1)


returns to
community & society

Unlocks benefits across the community and society

  • Establishes new ways of learning in education through digital curriculum and skills building

  • Increases telehealth access, expands digital government, and supports a hybrid justice system(2)

returns to the


Generates a positive return on investment for the economy

  • Creates a $2.40 societal ROI (e.g., from increased earnings, taxes) for every $1 invested in digital access(3)


  • The presence of ultra-fast broadband leads to 3% average increase in new businesses formation(5)

Investment in digital generates positive societal ROI within 1-2 years and annual GDP benefits

1. VentureBeat.  2. San Antonio Business Journal.  3. Ecotone Analytics.  4. Delotte.  5. Econstor

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