Coalition and Digital Equity
Plan Overview

SA Digital Connects is a public / private / community investment in a Digital Equity Plan


The plan recommends future actions with timelines, milestones, key stakeholders, required investment

San Antonio and Greater Bexar County will be “shovel ready” to implement digital equity initiatives across households, students, older adults, vets, workforce, telemedicine, and the justice system

Several sources used to inform recommendations
  • Engaged more than 140 community entities through interviews, an inventory survey, and focus groups across stakeholders 

  • Identified learnings from local efforts underway in San Antonio / Bexar County today

  • Researched comparable city / municipality benchmarks and best practices

  • Solicited input from weekly touchpoints with our advisory group of community digital leaders

presentation deck

Overview Handout

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SA Digital Connects and the Digital Equity Plan. 

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San Antonio /

Bexar County is already recognized as a leader in digital inclusion with a track-record of success

  • Served as a model city based on our ability to engage the community, experiment at a local level, and stand-up cross-sector coalitions to tackle the digital divide

  • Recognized by NDIA’s 2020 digital trailblazer and the 2021 SMART 50 awards ​

  • Received $110K in prize winnings from Smart Community Networks Challenge for innovative solar mesh Wi-Fi network for public housing residents

Public - private - community structure

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Our public-private-community partnership will champion the regional digital equity plan and drive this work forward.

Key activities to drive digital equity:

​The plan is a single strategy, jointly owned; together, we will collaboratively implement initiatives and optimize funds for the best possible outcome

City & County leadership will make use of funding to organize and act on initiatives, partnering with key stakeholders on ownership and execution

​The philanthropic & private sector leaders of SA Digital Connects will galvanize support and funding for the plan and coordinate engagement across the community, partnering to ensure the public sector maintains action & funding on digital access. We do so with greater: SATX / SA Talent as our fiscal agent

Our aspiration is for San Antonio/Greater Bexar County to become a nationwide leader in business, workforce development and economic growth through digital inclusion.

Components of access:

Availability &


Every household has:

Reliable access to internet at speeds of 100/100 Mbps at an affordable price

Device Access

Access to connected devices that meet technical requirements

digital literacy

The ability for people to feel smart, safe, and secure online

We will act with an equity-first mindset, focusing initially on the areas with the greatest need.