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SA Digital Connects Press Releases


Search for New Executive Director

"SA Digital Connects (SADC), the local public, private community collaboration who built and is implementing the San Antonio/Bexar County Digital Equity Plan, has begun the search for their second Executive Director to lead the organization."


Broadband Development Office Seek Input

SADC asks the community to take the Texas Digital Opportunity Public Survey to keep local momentum and help develop the state’s plan to expand digital opportunities and future funding strategies in San Antonio and throughout Texas.


FCC Map Challenge

“We must work together to prove where our neighbors need internet access so that the FCC has an accurate picture of internet connectivity for our community,” said Marina Alderete Gavito, Executive Director of SA Digital Connects.


ACP Toolkit Announcement

The toolkit includes a downloadable enrollment guide, which breaks down the ACP application step-by-step, an outreach script, a webinar, and forms to help organizations work through the complexities and nuances of the sign-up process for their clients.


Bexar County Allocates $25 Million ARPA Funds

“With today’s $25 million ARPA allocation we can begin tackling the infrastructure projects needed to bring connectivity to those without. A connected County is imperative to our economic competitiveness at the state and national level,” said Nelson Wolff, Bexar County Judge.


Advocacy Press Release

"We look forward to the allocation of local, state and federal dollars to implement the plan, but if we do not act now, we could lose this opportunity,” states Laura Cole, Bexar County BiblioTech Director.


Launch Press Release

This initiative will prepare San Antonio and Greater Bexar County with a trained workforce and connected community for the technology that awaits us in the future. We are grateful to all the partners who have committed to implementation over the next 4-5 years and are ready to get to work,” states Luisa Casso, Manager, Corporate Communications, Toyota Motor North America

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