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Impact Dashboard


SA Digital Connects worked with the City of San Antonio and Bexar County to seek proposals (RFPs) to address the lack of internet connectivity in 37 census tracts that have documented inequities (lime green areas in the map below).  This RFP is the first step to getting houses & businesses connected with high speed internet.

Bexar County and San Antonio's initial investment (County $25M, City $6.9M) will allow us to enter into funding agreements with internet service providers (ISPs) who will provide matching funds to build broadband internet in the 37 census tracts (lime green areas in the map below).


SA Digital Connects is partnering with San Antonio Resource Directory ( to provide up-to-date information on community resources and programs that address digital inclusion needs.  You can visit our Resources page to find device support, digital skills training opportunities, free internet access locations, and many other resources and programs.


Overtime, we will begin to track referrals to programs, and use of the resources available in our community and we will update this dashboard once that data is compiled.

Community organizations:  If you have any updates or information that may be helpful to include in this dashboard,

please contact us at

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