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The Texas Broadband Development Office (BDO) is developing the Texas Digital Opportunity Plan to expand digital opportunities for all Texans.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg

County Judge Peter Sakai

What does this mean?

To secure state and federal funding for our community for broadband connectivity and digital literacy programs, the BDO needs information.  They have launched 2 surveys to gather the information they need:

  1. Texas Digital Opportunity Plan: Public Survey - every individual in Texas should take this survey

  2. Digital Resources Mapping Tool Survey - every community based organization should take this survey

For everyone!

¡Para todos!

What should community organizations do?

  1. Take the Digital Resources Mapping Tool Survey on behalf of your organization so that the BDO knows what services are currently offered and what services need expansion or implementation. 

    • As federal funding comes down, local organizations will be able to apply for digital literacy and training grants, so make sure you participate early on by filling out the Digital Resource Mapping Survey.

  2. Additionally, please make sure your clients, customers, employees, friends and family fill out the Texas Digital Opportunity Plan: Public Survey.   Engagement tools included below.

Outreach and Engagement Resources

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