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Executive Director Search

​The new SA Digital Connects Executive Director will lead the team with the board and stakeholders to implement the Digital Equity plan. They will be responsible for shaping and implementing  the moving-forward strategy. The Executive Director will manage operations of the unincorporated nonprofit:  work with investors, work with a lean team of consultants, and SADC’s valuable fiscal agent, greater: SATX. 

  • Established the public-private-community collaboration to close the digital divide and together we built the San Antonio and Greater Bexar County Digital Equity Plan.

  • Track and report progress in un/under-served areas to ensure every household is connected to high-speed, reliable, and affordable internet  

SA Digital Connects
Scope of Work
  1. Continued execution and advocacy of the plan and roadmap

  2. Coordinating community collaboration

  3. Lead the critical implementing for allocation of public funding (heavy lift)

  4. Tracking KPIs to hold community accountable for plan

  5. Leading stakeholders (private – public – community)

  6. Managing day-to-day operations and activation

  7. Reporting to SA Digital Connect Board

Executive Director
Scope of work
Major Areas
Application Requirements
  • Deadline = midnight on June 30, 2023

  • Apply using the form below.

  • Attachments:

    • Cover Letter (in PDF format) that addresses the following:

      • Why are you a good candidate for this role and how does your experience relate to the MAJOR AREAS and SA Digital Connects' SCOPE of work?

      • Do you have a passion to solve for the digital divide in the Bexar County/San Antonio community? 

      • Please be precise and feel free to use bullet points.

    • Resume

    • Three references with contact information

    • LinkedIn Profile Link

  • This hire will be a 1099 independent contractor willing to work full time for the SA Digital Connects, an unincorporated nonprofit.  As an unincorporated nonprofit, greater: SATX is our fiscal agent and we are strongly supported by our private sector investors.

  • Our intention is to complete the work by the end of 2026 and all move on to other important work.


If have any questions, please email Diane Warren at

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