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What is the Map Challenge

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a map that shows high speed internet availability at the home or business address level.  The map shows…

  • where internet service IS and IS NOT available, and

  • what providers are available, what kind of connectivity they offer, and at what speeds.

The Map Challenge process is complicated, so SA Digital Connects, in partnership with Bexar County’s GIS team, created a simple form to collect residents' feedback.  The data collected from this form will be used to submit a bulk challenge from San Antonio and Bexar County to the FCC.

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 4.40.08 PM.png

Are you able to connect to the internet? 

Is your internet slow? 

How do I help?

Your input will improve the accuracy of the map.

These maps are important because Federal funds to increase internet connectivity will be distributed to cities and counties based on these maps.

   Step 1:   Visit the FCC's Broadband Map by clicking here.

   Step 2:  Type your address into the search bar.

   Step 3:  Review the information that comes up on the side panel.

  • The side panel will show whether your location is covered by high speed internet or not.

  • If high speed internet is available to your location, then the side panel will also show what service providers are available to buy service from, what technologies they have available, and what speeds they offer internet at.

   Step 4:  Fill out the form below to record inaccuracies or dispute the information on the map.

How do I Help?

Can't go online?

Visit a San Antonio library or Biblotech to verify and input your challenge information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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